2020 Pilot Project Manitoba

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May 22nd, 2020

Energo Group Canada Inc. (EGC) would like to again announce the successful completion of the MVROT Pilot Project within Manitoba Hydro's distribution grid in the “J207 feeder” and the publishing of its report on our website.

All of the electrical data gathered in the field was measured and collected with the same equipment for two weeks. This was done in 15 minute intervals in accordance with the EN 50160 standard. Measurements were taken for one week without the MVROT energized, and the following week with the MVROT energized

EGC submitted the full results and analyses to Manitoba Hydro Engineering group for review, and they accepted the report as presented

You will find the complete report showing the technical and economical benefits MVROT brings into medium voltage distribution systems, including all associated full scale time duration graphs here.

We will be presenting the results of this project and analyses at the upcoming CIGRE Canada Conference in Toronto in October of this year. This technical paper has been accepted for an oral presentation at the conference.

    Key Achievements
  • On average, increased feeder energy efficiency between 8.2% and 8.7%.
  • Improved phase voltage levels (~4.45%) at load side of MVROT
  • Reduced overall amperage in system neutral line between 29% and 39% at substation.
  • Maximum amperage in the neutral line before MVROT was 94[A] and with MVROT 68[A].
  • Load balanced between phase A and B. Phase C was not utilized at all with this Project.
  • Integrated instrument transformers (2 PTs and 1 CT) into the body of the MVROT.
  • Applying our patented “METHOD AND SYSTEM” can achieve the same results in any medium voltage grids. Proof of Method and System concept in the field.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, especially in these challenging times.

News release approved by: EGC BOD