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With our industry leading smart transformer technology that gives big energy savings in distribution, together with the electrical power generation from bio gas, Energo Group Canada Inc and Archea Biogas of Germany are partners in bringing green technology and savings to another level by converting city waste to electricity and bio gas. www.archea-biogas.com

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We have a simple and cost effective solution for any low and medium voltage distribution systems experiencing exaggerated voltage drops below the standards. With minimal capital investment our solution will bring voltage and power in those existing distribution lines within North American or European Standards. Our solution will drastically reduce capital costs for new infrastructures.

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The VROT 15-X transformer is used for the transfer of maximum power load from a step down transformer to the end of a low voltage line, and acts as a replacement solution for sub stations (SS). 15(25)(38)/0.208kV, 45kVA in that low voltage line.

The VROT 15-X guarantees the deliverance of maximum required power, current and voltage to the end users in low voltage lines. It has the ability to switch between two modes as it recognizes end user demands and satisfies EN 50160 requirements. This technology is the future.

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