Our newest product. We currently have a patent pending for Method and System for Reducing Losses During Electrical Power Distribution.

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This catalogue shows our new and unique smart dry type transformer featuring our patented technology. It will guarantee maximum required power, current and voltage to the end users in low voltage lines. It has the ability to switch between two modes as it recognizes end user demands. Satisfying EN 50160 requirements - this is the future.

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New product catalogue for a voltage transformer supplying power to reclosers or disconnectors from high / medium voltage lines. No need to connect this transformer to low voltage lines, leaving no possibility of creating power outages in that line or of leaving the recloser without power in case of an outage caused by other users.

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Catalogue for casted epoxy dry type transformer for power from 20 kVA up to 630 kVA and voltage from 5 kV up to 25 kV. Technical data shown in this catalog is for 10kV primary voltage.

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Individual catalogue for a three phase power epoxy dry type transformer, rated powers up to 250 kVA .

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North American Catalogue

Lists the entire manufacturing line of products that we can offer to North American Markets. Catalogue contains technical data for all of our products.

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Catálogo Español / Spanish Catalogue

Catalogue contains technical data for all of our products.

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Main Focus

Some of the main focuses of our Project and Management Group are on technical documentation for:

  • 0.4kV to 110kV Power distribution network
  • Transformer Substations up to 110kV
  • Switchgears
  • Gas Stations
  • Hotels
  • Buildings & Building complexes
  • City and Street Lights


The Research and Development Group's scope of work includes creating technical specifications and following up with all necessary documentation for:

  • New developed equipment
  • Improving existing equipment
  • Optimization of power distribution networks
  • Resolving ferroresonance problems in power distribution networks
  • Research for new technologies in the world and developing new patents

Electrical Equipment

  • Current transformers 0.72kV -all types
  • Current transformers indoor/outdoor from 10 to 44kV -all types
  • Voltage Transformers indoor/outdoor form 6.6kV to 44kV -all types
  • Power dry transformer from 0.6 to 25kV and up to 1000kVA -all types

For all projects and equipment our company develops, our engineering group will provide strict supervision of supplied materials and of the final product to insure high quality. Quality control is number one on our priority list. All of our subcontractors and suppliers have many years of experience in manufacturing electrical equipment and an ISO 9001 certificate.


EG 7000-1-1

Transformer intended for smaller loads (street lights etc.) One phase transformer allowing 5% plus 3% lower voltage for the end users as per Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1: Section 8-102

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EG 7000-1-2

This two phase transformer type is intended for house blocks and buildings requiring larger loads, stable voltages and current per Canadian Electrical Code.

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EG 7000-1-3

This 3 phase transformer type is intended as a simple solution to relocate panel / step down 120/208 transformer closer to the end users using low voltage cable. It can be used to supply required power, current and to stabilize voltage at the end of the cable

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EG 7000-1-4

This 3 Phase transformer type is intended for industrial areas, large buildings or building complexes.

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EG 7000-1-5

This drawing shows a comparison between a distribution system without VROT and one with a VROT. It shows possible power faults / outages in High / medium Voltage distribution systems in Canada.

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EG 7000-1-6

This drawing shows an example of distribution in Low Voltage cables to very far distances with smaller cable size. It compares 3 cases of required power to be distributed a 400m distance. The second part shows the same distribution with High Voltage lines. Without proper fault protection this method will be unsafe. Adding extra protection in HV lines (reclosers or disconnectors) will make this system expensive. Both distribution systems, Low Voltage and High Voltage, are economically superior with installation of our VROT smart transformers.

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