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Third Patent

Posted: October 13, 2020

Energo Group Canada Inc. (EGC) is pleased to announce receipt of our third patent for the series of our innovations related to “LOSSES REDUCTION FOR ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION”. All three patents were demonstrated in the field at Pilot Project executed in Manitoba at the beginning of this year. This pilot project results captured in our technical paper will be published and presented at CIGRE Canada, Toronto held virtually this year on October 20th and 21st.

The full report can be found on our website here.

As previously announced, we received our first patent “# 10205318 effective February 12, 2019" issued for our “Method and System for reducing losses during electrical power distribution” as the innovative way we are connecting Distribution Circuit Adopter (DCA) / MVROT into the distribution grids.

The second issued patent “# 10650954 effective May 12, 2020” is for the DCA. We named it “Medium Voltage Regulating and Optimizing Terminal (MVROT)” and it has 28 claims for innovative ways of making it unique and capable to be connected to the grid with the way our first patent demands.

The third issued patent “# 10763029 effective September 1, 2020” is for MVROT unit method and system itself, and how it is made. It contains 11 patented claims within.

We are extremely pleased with receiving all three patents and have already received great feedback from industry leaders who say that our technology is extremely useful and economically superior in addressing power quality, technical losses, efficiencies and reliabilities.

We hope to see you at the CIGRE Conference and our presentation this year. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in learning more detailed information on this exciting technology.

CIGRE Canada 2020

Posted: September 23, 2020

Energo Group Canada Inc. (EGC) is pleased to announce that our technical paper was selected to be published and presented at the upcoming CIGRE Canada conference in Toronto this year. Aleksandar Lemez and Dragan Lemez prepared this technical paper on EGC's Pilot Project in Winnipeg, completed together with Manitoba Hydro in one of their live grids. This Pilot Project was successfully executed in the field at the beginning of this year.

Dragan Lemez, President
Aleksandar Lemez, VP of Engineering
We are excited to present these extremely positive results for the improvement of the electrical distribution efficiencies, reliabilities, voltages and overall reduction of technical losses using EGC’s patented MVROT. These results are field validation of our earlier presented white paper at 2018 CIGRE Canada conference in Calgary on our innovative and patented technology.

Please see the full conference program on Cigre's website: , and a snapshot of the same program identifying the day, time and Session for EGC paper (#299) to be presented by EGC’s President Dragan Lemez.

We hope to see you there – virtually this year, and hope you will be able to attend our presentation.

Second Patent Plaque Issued by USPTO

Posted: June 23rd, 2020

Energo Group Canada Inc. is happy to announce that we have received our second official patent plaque issued to us by USPTO.

First Patent #10,205,318:
Method and System for reducing losses during electrical power distribution
Effective Feb. 12, 2019
Total claims: 18

Second Patent #10,650,954:
Losses Reduction for Electrical Power Distribution
Effective May 12, 2020
Total claims: 28

Both patents were implemented in the recently completed MVROT Pilot Project with Manitoba Hydro in Winnipeg. The Pilot Project results stand to validate these patents. You can find the full project results on our Publishings page here.

2020 Pilot Project in Manitoba

Posted: May 22nd, 2020

Energo Group Canada Inc. (EGC) would like to again announce the successful completion of the MVROT Pilot Project within Manitoba Hydro's distribution grid in the “J207 feeder” and the publishing of its report on our website.

All of the electrical data gathered in the field was measured and collected with the same equipment for two weeks. This was done in 15 minute intervals in accordance with the EN 50160 standard. Measurements were taken for one week without the MVROT energized, and the following week with the MVROT energized.

EGC submitted the full results and analyses to Manitoba Hydro Engineering group for review, and they accepted the report as presented.

You will find the complete report showing the technical and economical benefits MVROT brings into medium voltage distribution systems, including all associated full scale time duration graphs here.

We will be presenting the results of this project and analyses at the upcoming CIGRE Canada Conference in Toronto in October of this year. This technical paper has been accepted for an oral presentation at the conference.


  • On average, increased feeder energy efficiency between 8.2% and 8.7%.
  • Improved phase voltage levels (~4.45%) at load side of MVROT
  • Reduced overall amperage in system neutral line between 29% and 39% at substation.
  • Maximum amperage in the neutral line before MVROT was 94[A] and with MVROT 68[A].
  • Load balanced between phase A and B. Phase C was not utilized at all with this Project.
  • Integrated instrument transformers (2 PTs and 1 CT) into the body of the MVROT.
  • Applying our patented “METHOD AND SYSTEM” can achieve the same results in any medium voltage grids. Proof of Method and System concept in the field.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, especially in these challenging times.

News release approved by: EGC BOD

2020 Latest Update

Posted: April 23rd, 2020

In spite of the challenges and uncertain times brought onto the world with this pandemic, EGC is well positioned and prepared to survive this economic and health crisis.

At the moment, our factory is operating under reduced capacity. Orders are continuing to be received with final products still being delivered to our customers.

We have completed our pilot project field recordings in Winnipeg together with Manitoba Hydro just before pandemic outbreak. We have also finished a detailed analysis and have issued the report for MH to review. The results and analysis will be published on our website soon. We are extremely happy with the results and have demonstrated not only technical benefits but economical ones as well. Stay tuned for the full report and more exciting news.

Pilot Project Updates

Posted: February 7th, 2020

We are pleased to report an update on the Pilot Project we are executing with Manitoba Hydro in Winnipeg. Successful recording of the baseline data without MVROT was completed at the beginning of January, 2020. Since then, the MVROT ha been energized and we are currently gathering data with the MVROT installed in the grid. This data will then be compered with the baseline readings.

Initial results are extremely positive and are already demonstrating benefits of our MVROT patented technology.

Stay tuned, more to come when we finish gathering data and complete a full analysis with Manitoba Hydro Engineering.

Pilot Project is Underway

Posted: December 23, 2019

We are pleased to announce that our Pilot Project with Manitoba Hydro has begun. The MVROT was successfully installed atop the new pole, and the baseline grid measurements without the MVROT are underway. In the new year the MVROT will be energized into the grid and measurements with it in place will be taken for comparison with the baseline. More news to come.

EGC & AGP Trading Company Partnership

Posted: October 16th, 2019

Energo Group Canada Inc. (“EGC”) is pleased to announce a recently signed agreement with AGP Trading Incorporated, a company based in the Philippines, to be our exclusive distributor in the Philippines market.

AGP Trading company is a reputable local company with a well established distributor network in that market. Some of their current marketed products are “Electrical Testing Equipment and Instrumentation” and EGC’s products will be great compliment to their line of supply.

AGP will soon be adding our line of products onto their website.

EGC is fully committed to help train and educate AGP personnel about the benefits of our unique and patented products and technologies so they can better serve their customers.

We welcome “AGP Trading Incorporated” as a valued EGC distributor. Please find the link to the AGP website here:

Manitoba Hydro video Featuring EGC & the MVROT

Posted: October 5th, 2019

As was previously announced, Energo Group Canada Inc. “EGC” completed the Canadian Standard Association “CSA” certification for the innovative technology Medium Voltage and Regulation Terminal “MVROT” at the Manitoba Hydro High Voltage Testing Facility “MHHVTF”. MHHVTF is a state-of-the-art testing facility located in Winnipeg.

While performing CSA tests, the EGC personnel who attended the testing had a few meetings with Manitoba Hydro International “MHI”. The meetings and testing process were recorded by Manitoba Hydro “MH”. EGC’s President, Mr. Dragan Lemez, was interviewed by MH film crew to talk about EGC’s technology and about the MHHVTF. As announced earlier, the CSA certification was successfully completed.

We are pleased to share MH’s video with all of you.

EGC Receives Golden Plaque from USPTO for Patent

Posted: May 3rd, 2019

Energo Group Canada has received the official golden plaque from USPTO for our patent “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REDUCING LOSSES DURING ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION” effective February 12th 2019.

EGC Receives Official USPTO Patent

Posted: Feb 22, 2019

Energo Group Canada is pleased to announce official receipt of patent No. : 10,205,318 from USPTO for “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REDUCING LOSSES DURING ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION” effective February 12th 2019.

This has been a long process going through the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”) application to validate and verify that no one in the world is using our method and system. As this method and system is disruptive technology for the electrical industry, we were scrutinized by many electrical engineers worldwide to be sure that it is Innovative, Novel and Industry Applicable for which we received written confirmation from PCT before proceeding with USPTO to get the full patent.

Our second patent application (product hardware that is paired with this method and system) is still under patent pending status as it was submitted after the Method and System. We are confident that this will be issued soon, as we have received the same written confirmation letter from PCT as we did for our first application.

MVROT Technical Paper and Presentation

Posted: October 7, 2018

For those who will be attending the upcoming CIGRE 2018 Conference and Expo in Calgary, our technical paper, title “Method and System for the Reduction of Losses in Electrical Power Distribution Grids” will be presented on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 1:15 PM. Our Engineering Manager, Kristo Lakiko, P.Eng. will be doing the presentation.

Here’s a link to Technical session schedule and presentations:

EGC will be at the 2018 CIGRÉ Canada Conference

Posted: September 10, 2018

The 11th annual CIGRE Canada Conference and Expo is scheduled to be held in Calgary this year from October 15th to 18th . AltaLink is proud and excited to host the largest annual event in Canada promoting CIGRE and the advancement of power systems and solutions.

EGC will be showing our MVROT unit in our booths and together with Tundra Process Solution present our new product Smart Substation Grid Optimizer 1.2 MVA SSGO.

At CIGRE, EGC will be presenting our technology to the conference and will publish papers on our innovative technology as well.

Title for our paper to be published: Innovative and Effective Method and System for Voltage Improvement Power Quality and Reduction of Losses in Electrical Power Distribution

Date and time of the presentation will be announced soon by CIGRE but in the meantime please make sure to visit us in our booths 28 and 29.

EG Canada is going Global

Posted: September 10, 2018

EGC is expanding its business into South and Central America as well as into the Philippines. We have signed distribution agreement with VOLTA Canada for: Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Panama.

Besides those countries we are also working closely with Peru and the Philippines.

Spanish Catalogue has now been posted!

Posted: July 28, 2018

Check out our catalogue, now available in Spanish! Find it on our Products and Services page by clicking here.

Updated Catalogue has now been posted!

Posted: June 20, 2018

Check out our updated North America catalogue (English) on our Products and Services page by clicking here. More languages coming soon!

October Update 2017

Posted: November 1st, 2017

At the beginning of October, Energo Group Canada was an exhibitor at CIGRE Winnipeg 2017, International Colloquium & Exhibition in Winnipeg, MB. The colloquium and exhibition was a great success as over 500 delegates from 32 countries participated. There were many seminars, tutorials and colloquiums that attracted high profile power experts, professors, key decision makers and government personnel from around the world to come. Networking was great and it was well organized to ensure enough time between sessions for people to come around to the exhibits.
The conference was mainly focused on power transmission but we were invited to represent the distribution side as CIGRE wants to expand into the medium voltage side.
We showcased for the first time to the world, our patent pending terminal, MVROT unit in our booth and it was a huge hit. Many engineers stopped by to see us, and their feedback toward MVROT was that this is revolutionary technology in medium voltage distribution systems. From these contacts we have several great leads to faster expand our business within Canada, but abroad as well.

During this time, we also received the official CSA MVROT certification. This patent pending terminal can now be fully commercialized.
Negotiations are continuing with two major Canadian Utilities to install MVROT and field validate the benefits and savings within their respective electrical grids. Strategic alliances are also being pursued and developed.

The second unit we had displayed in our booth was VTOP (already CSA approved). To demonstrate how VTOP can be used to provide power to small load required equipment directly from overhead medium voltage lines. One of the great benefits of VTOP is that it can be part of SMART grid systems, giving power to re-closers and transferring protocols. This allows the distribution centers to have full control of their grids from within their main control centers. VTOP has been part of these Smart grid systems in Europe, Africa and Asia from 2002. This is proven technology with built-in protection technology against over and under voltage’s.
The VTOP unit will remain in Winnipeg to be paired and tested with Manitoba Hydro International – Ice Monitoring Equipment.
Official CIGRE media released our ad in their magazine, see link for electronic copy of the magazine:

Downloadable magazine link: Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

We are officially CSA Certified!

Energo Group Canada Inc. announces CSA certification for the disruptive technology terminal, MVROT. Receipt of the official documentation from CSA was in the first week of October, 2017 and has been published on the CSA website. Full commercialization can now take place.

Negotiations are currently ongoing with two major Canadian Utilities to install MVROT and field validate the benefits and savings within their electrical grids. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.

MVROT was specifically tailored and engineered for the North American medium voltage distribution networks. With two patent pending applications already in place, this technological terminal will provide major savings from the distribution companies to the end users. With extra safety protection and realized savings of up to 60% of the energy losses in a typical distribution network this simple, economical and efficient terminal will solve and meet the electricity power demands for today and into the future.

Energo Group Canada is a Canadian company focused in engineering research and development and manufacturing of electrical equipment for low and medium voltage, headquartered in Calgary, AB with a branch office in Toronto, ON.

MVROT Testing

Our MVROT technology was built to meet or exceed CSA standards. All CSA testing was successfully completed in Manitoba Hydro, High Voltage Testing Facility (HVTF). HVTF is an accredited CSA laboratory, featuring state of art equipment and a great team. All testing was also witnessed by CSA personnel.
This was a major milestone for EGC and a huge achievement toward getting full certification for this unique, smart and patent pending technology.

Watch the two videos below or follow the respective links: MVROT BIL Test, MVROT Temperature Rise Test. In addition, Manitoba Hydro professionally filmed all activities and conducted several interviews. To be posted once available.

Summer Update 2017

Posted: August 1st, 2017

EGC presented our new MVROT technology at he Global Petroleum Show (GPS) in Calgary in June and was received well.
See links to GPS and GPS SPARX Energy Innovation Theatre here:
Based on this high level presentation, we have been approached by the Government of Canada's trade commissioner for a follow-up meeting with more detailed information. From that meeting there is a great synergy between EGC and federal authorities to bring this technology into Canada and work towards establishing Canada as a leader in the world for exporting innovative Smart Electrical Technology.
The main messages delivered at the show about our new innovative and disruptive technology covered the following points:

  • Being dry type is environmentally friendly and easy to install,
  • No carcinogenic materials and emissions,
  • Novice, Innovative, Industry applicable and unique in the world. Already confirmed by Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), signed by ~95% of countries in the world,
  • Saves tax payers money,
  • Resolves many electrical technical issues all at once,
  • Innovative and quick solutions for existing grids challenged with higher power demands,
  • No public consultations or hearings for small or large re-construction projects needed,
  • Large reduction in capital investments,
  • Quality and stable power delivered to the end users,
  • Return on capital expenditure is less than 5 years
  • End result for tax payers is to pay less $/kWh
  • The latest thoughts from our Chief Engineer, Aleksandar Lemez, and Aleksandar Simovic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in University of East Sarajevo, around solutions for rehabilitation for voltage regulations in a distribution network. The article highlights our dependency on electricity and the importance of improving the quality of our distribution lines.

    Posted: Oct 30, 2016

    In contemporary society, life without electricity cannot be imagined. Electricity is produced in power plants, then transferred via high-voltage networks over greater or lesser distance, while distribution networks direct the electricity via a series of distribution transformers of medium-voltage and low-voltage networks to its final destination - consumers. Electricity prices must meet the appropriate quality standards (EN 50160), while on the other hand, a distributor must take into account the economic parameters of cost-effectiveness of investing. Distribution of electricity in newly condensed consumer areas (urban areas) is not a problem both in terms of quality of delivered electricity and in terms of cost-effectiveness of investment operations. Distribution of electricity in dilute consumer areas (small villages), as well as in areas with such an electricity infrastructure in which the quality of supplied electricity comes out of the EN 50160 standard is a problem in terms of profitability of the investment project and, as such, causes dissatisfaction among consumers, while among distributors it causes both generator losses and inefficiency of the system (ie, useless power facility). In the first place, it means that the farthest consumers of associated substations are subjected to poor quality of delivered electricity.

    The classical method to improve the quality of electricity supply on the existing infrastructure involves: increase of voltage on the corresponding transformer stations from 10/0.42 kV to 253V, increase in cross-sectional areas of conductors - by installing conductors with larger sections or by conducting parallel conductors, then increase in cross-sectional areas of conductors and installation of capacitor banks as well as the construction of a medium-voltage power line with corresponding substations of 10 (20) /0.42 and 50 kVA. This paper will show a new method of "VROT-18" system with a corresponding device that has the same efficiency as the substation of 10/0.42 kV has, except that it uses power from the existing low-voltage power line. The system of this operation is not based on raising the voltage but on the load balancing, and with its convenient fit it eliminates harmonic distortions generated by consumers at the section of the low-voltage power line which is supplied by "VROT-18" system. On the other hand, it increases the selectivity and the sensitivity of reactions protection. "VROT-18" system is installed on the section of the low-voltage power line where the quality of electricity comes out of the EN 50160 standard. By applying the "VROT-18" system it is possible to achieve cost savings in investment from 60% to 700% depending on the construction plan.

    Key words: distribution network, rehabilitation of conditions for voltage regulations, new technology, standardized nominal voltage

    Check out this animation about our MVROT. Watch below or follow this video link.