Who We Are

Energo Group Canada, Inc. is mainly focused on import, export and distribution of current, voltage and dry type power transformers throughout North America. All of our transformers are manufactured in Europe by our parent company Energo Group d.o.o. Sarajevo.

One of our unique products VROT, a smart dry type transformer, has breakthrough technology which ensures the end users demands are met by providing them with quality voltage and the required current and power. More details on all of our transformers can be found on our products & services page.

With our main office, laboratory and storage facility located in Calgary, Alberta and an associated representative office in Toronto, we are well positioned to provide technical support and required documentation for delivered products, as well as to develop teams of qualified field installers for our transformers in all of Canada, USA and Mexico.

Having a tight seamless relationship with our parent company in Sarajevo (Energo Group d.o.o. Sarajevo) gives us the advantage of being a versatile company that can provide all the same services as our parent company.

Energo Group d.o.o. Sarajevo is a consortium of:

  • UNIONVEST, I.Sarajevo (founded 1959), montage works
  • FMT - Zajecar (founded 1969), factory of transformers

Energo Group was formed by a group of engineers with many years of experience in engineering design and development of current and potential transformers (0.4kV to 44kV). From the time that Energo Group was formed, the corporation has had many successful international and domestic projects. We develop our engineering design while working closely with our clients to efficiently reach a common goal of value.

The company's R&D team of Electrical Engineers are constantly researching, developing and testing new transformers in our lab per special needs and requests, and implementing new ideas and technologies.

The future vision for EGC is to develop our own fabrication shop in Canada to increase production, cut delivery time and to grow within the North American market.

What We Do

We are an electrical engineering and transformer manufacturing company who develop and install many products throughout the world.Our factory is ISO9001:2008 certified with a manufacturing capacity of 5000 transformers of all types up to 44kV per year. All of our transformers and equipment are tested and certified to the latest standards in Europe, Asia and Africa (IEC, BS, VDE, DIN, GOST, JUS). We are in the process of getting ULC and CSA certificates. Our main focus is our unique device: a type VROT 15-X transformer. For more details on what we do please visit products & services or contact us.

Our Specialties

EG 7000-1-1

Transformer intended for smaller loads (street lights etc.) One phase transformer allowing 5% plus 3% lower voltage for the end users as per Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1: Section 8-102

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EG 7000-1-5

This drawing shows a comparison between a distribution system without VROT and one with a VROT. It shows possible power faults / outages in High / medium Voltage distribution systems in Canada.

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EG 7000-1-6

This drawing shows an example of distribution in Low Voltage cables to very far distances with smaller cable size. It compares 3 cases of required power to be distributed a 400m distance. The second part shows the same distribution with High Voltage lines. Without proper fault protection this method will be unsafe. Adding extra protection in HV lines (reclosers or disconnectors) will make this system expensive. Both distribution systems, Low Voltage and High Voltage, are economically superior with installation of our VROT smart transformers.

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